Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I’m Back! Kitchen Hacks Ep. 1

Hello! I am back! To fill you in on the major life events during my long hiatus:
- I got engaged (to my college sweetheart)
- I got married (to the same guy, of course)
- We brought a house (hence the new kitchen)
- We have a baby boy!
- I started a mommy/family YouTube channel (TheChoreans)
- Baby Ethan has a blog (Ethan the Chorean)

Ethan just turned three-months old recently and he has been keeping us busy but also very entertained. You can see my labor and delivery story here.

I am back to do videos and blog posts for my LetsGetCookinggg Blog and YouTube Channel. I want to do a series on kitchen hacks— tips and tricks related to cooking, baking, kitchen, and food. Here is episode 1 of the Kitchen Hacks series!

Hack #1: How to cool your whole house down after using the bake, broil, or convect feature on your oven

I bake a lot. While baking and after using the oven, the kitchen and the whole house rises 20 degrees warmer. No big deal for the winter time, but definitely a problem during the summer—ya know what I’m sayin’? To expedite the cooling process, after turning your oven off, fill an oven-safe pot, pan, or bowl with cold water and place it in the oven. Let it do its magic and absorb all the hot air. Bam!

Hack #2: How to easily loosen and open jars

Some jars you can open effortlessly and some jars feel like you need the Hulk to help. Well, worry no more. Simply take a metal utensil (spoons work best) and whack around the lid a few times. Bam!

Hack #3: How to prevent a cutting board from slipping & sliding

Some cutting boards are designed to be anti-slip; most cutting boards do slip and slide. To help keep your cutting board from moving around so much, take a paper towel or kitchen rag, wet it, and place it under your cutting board. Bam! Now you can use it worry-free to cut heavy-duty items like pineapples. Speaking of cutting pineapples, if you haven’t seen my How to Cut a Pineapple Method 1 and Method 2 posts, be sure to check those out.

Thank you to all for being patient and hanging around while I was on my break. If you are new here, please visit often—you can also subscribe to my blog with your email under the “Subscribe to Blog by Email” box on the right. Watch a demo of the hacks and join me in my kitchen where everything is served with love.


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