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My very first blog post sums up the story of my life. I have conveniently laid it out below for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Eat, Cook, Love

I'm not a professional; I'm just a girl who loves to eat, and who loves to cook :)

I can't say that I've had the fortunate opportunity to travel to different countries and collaborate with chefs around the world. What I do have, are active taste buds that have been introduced to a plethora of flavors, cuisines, and exotic foods. They are friendly taste buds that only dislike two food items-- but even then I still eat them, just not in excess. Therefore, I think I can say that my taste buds are very "well-rounded."

I also have a very needy gut that cannot be neglected. You will never hear me say: I forgot to eat lunch, I haven't eaten anything today (and it's 6PM), there wasn't anything to eat, or any of that nonsense. I am extremely talented when it comes to eating and simultaneously doing another task. Eating + simultaneously doing something else, is the strongest multitasking skill which I have mastered. If you know how to operate a stove, oven, grill, microwave, fridge, toaster oven, etc., the rest comes easy (maybe with a little trial and error here and there). With that said, there's always something to eat (if you are fortunate to afford to eat-- sadly, food is not a luxury to all).

I have a great appreciation for food (girls splurge on make-up and shoes, I choose food), and an even deeper appreciation for the loving soul(s) who puts his/her blood and sweat into preparing food... just not literally. On cooking shows, I have seen a water fountain of sweat running from the chef's forehead down to the food-- extra seasoning-- not cool.

I enjoy eating out, but I also enjoy cooking at home. When I dine out and I experience a dish/flavor that I really admire, I have a desire to recreate it in my kitchen. At the same time, when I dine out and I taste a dish/flavor that did not meet my expectations, I have a strong desire to make it better in my kitchen. I have to thank good chefs and not-as-good chefs for my inspiration to cook; a good chef's triumph is my inspiration, and a not-as-good chef's demise is also my inspiration.

And that's why I like to cook. I can't always have things my way in life, but I can always have things my way as the chef in my kitchen. I started my YouTube cooking channel to share the adventures in my kitchen. I'm not the world's greatest chef, but I like to think that I'm up there somewhere in the book :)

Subscribe to my channel and join me in my kitchen were everything is served with love.

My YouTube Channel: LetsGetCookinggg


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